4 Ways On How To Dry Shoes You Should Know

Some people are often impatient when waiting for their shoes to dry naturally. Therefore, they need to find ways to dry shoes faster and more effectively.

Understanding the problem that people wonder about, the following article will help you clarify more about ways to dry shoes thanks to some common items in life.

Let’s explore together!

Why Do You Need To Dry Your Shoes?

In everyday life, sometimes you have to accept that your shoes get wet. This is often the case in the rainy season or when wearing shoes at the beach or lake.

Wet shoes always make users feel uncomfortable and create a sticky feeling for their feet. Not only that, if you often use wet shoes, it also brings many problems to your feet such as creating odors, blistering feet…

Besides, a pair of shoes that are often wet will affect the quality of the shoes, making the boots have a shorter shelf life. These products cost you a lot of money to replace new shoes.

For the above reasons, many people feel that it is necessary to dry their shoes before using them.

How To Dry Shoes

  • Cleaning shoes to remove surface dirt.
  • Removing the shoelaces and the soleplate to perform separate drying.
  • Then proceed to fix the shoes with the items prepared for the drying process. Some methods will replace the fixation with another, such as drying with rice or newspaper.
  • Finally, waiting for your shoes to dry completely.

4 Fastest Ways To Dry Shoes

The 4 ways to dry shoes mentioned in the following section are highly effective and don’t take too much effort. So you can completely apply them yourself at home. You should rely on the shoe material to choose the most suitable method for you.

Use a dryer

A dryer is a common drying method for synthetic or cotton shoes that do not have an insole. This drying method is also the fastest and earns the most trust from people.

To perform this method, first, wash your shoes with warm water to remove dirt from the surface. Then, drag the laces and place the shoes in two drying tubes.

You should put 2 shoes parallel to each other with the toe pointing up, the sole facing the drying door. When placing shoes in the dryer, you need to keep them in place to ensure that the shoes will not be scattered during the drying process.

Then, put some cloth or cotton towel inside the drying drum to prevent the heat from directly affecting the shoes.

Finally, turn on the dryer and set the drying time to no more than 60 minutes. You can repeat drying if you find them not dry.

Using a dryer to dry shoes not only helps dry shoes quickly but sometimes also makes your shoes smell better. Because some types of dryers often emit a scent that is available during use to deodorize the dried objects.

Use newspaper

Using newspaper is a common drying method for leather or suede shoes. To perform this method, perform the following steps:

First, you should choose newspapers with few textures, and at the same time, eliminate newspapers with too bold printed content. The newspaper selection will help prevent newspaper laces from getting into the shoe while drying.

For shoes, take the soles out to dry separately.

Then, you roll the prepared newspaper together, put it inside the shoe. Keep stuffing newspapers inside until the newspaper fills the space inside your shoe.

As for drying the outside of the shoes, you won’t be rubbing the newspaper again. Instead, you can wrap some newspaper around it and tie it with an elastic band to keep it in place.

Finally, leave the shoes in a warm place near a fireplace to dry them faster.

Use a fan

A fan will work for leather sneakers or gel soles. Sometimes, using a fan will also work for suede shoes.

It is essential to use this method that you need to use a fan that is taller than the length of your shoes to prevent the shoes from touching the ground while drying.

First, after the shoes are washed with water, you need to take out the insoles to keep them separate. The shoelaces also need to loosen to reveal the inside of the shoe.

Then, use small hooks or other fixed items to secure the shoes on the fan. Ensure the shoe’s toe is facing up and the shoe’s sole is facing out during the drying process.

At the same time, you should also put a thick layer of cloth under the fan to absorb water that may fall out during the drying process.

Finally, turn on the fan to run for 1 hour – 2 hours for the shoes to dry completely. You should turn on the fan from medium to high to save drying time.

Use rice

This drying method can be available for all different types of shoes. But, you need a longer drying time than the above methods.

To do this, the first thing to do is to put rice inside a new sock, then tie the mouth of the hose to prevent the rice from spilling out.

Next, put the sock containing the above rice inside your shoes. Note before putting socks in shoes, take the soles out to dry separately.

Finally, leave the shoes filled with rice in a cool, dry, and warm place to help the shoes dry faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do shoes take to dry?

You can’t know for sure how long shoes can dry. Drying time often depends on many factors such as material, drying method, and surrounding environment.

If suitable conditions and temperatures are combined with a quick-drying method, you will not spend too much time on this problem. To make sure your shoes are dry, you can check them every 30 minutes.

Can we dry the shoes in the washing machine?

You should not dry your shoes in the washing machine. Putting shoes in the washing machine can cause damage to your shoes, especially affecting the glue and material of the shoes.


Above is some information about drying shoes and ways to dry your shoes faster so that they dry naturally that you can refer to.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you will have more relevant information to apply to your everyday shoes.

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