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Finding shoes among the best-selling shoes is not an easy challenge for you. To ensure the satisfaction of your choice, you need to make sure the shoes fit your feet well and are comfortable to move on. 

Whether it’s buying online, you should dig through the specs to find the best fit for you. No matter the first pair you buy, or no matter how many pairs, you are always tired of how to choose running shoes, right? Rest assured, we are here to solve this problem for you. The answer will be right below!

Why Should We Know How To Choose Running Shoes?

Running shoes and sports shoes, in general, are specialized shoes for outdoor sports activities, especially running. 

The shoe is designed to be lightweight, durable with ultra-flexible cushioning to help you move smoothly and quickly. Accordingly, the materials are designed to ensure your heels and ankles avoid the most damage during movement.

Among many popular shoe brands, if you know how to choose the right shoes, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

How To Choose Running Shoes

There are 4 helpful ways include: 

  • Identify your plan 
  • Start with the first steps
  • Notice how you move with your shoes
  • Feel your fit

Detailed Guideline For Choosing

To catch your perfect choice, you should immediately make yourself a specific plan with:

What Is Your Plan – Where Will You Move?

The terrain surface is the first thing you should consider when choosing shoes. Accordingly, there are two types of shoes for you: shoes for trail running and off-road shoes.

Finding a shoe suitable for the terrain that you choose has been a success. This gives you confidence when running on the road, whether on gravel or flat.

Of course, these shoes need to fit one’s foot well. Because shoes like this will give you the ability and durable grip on the terrain. At the same time, it can help you cope with changing weather conditions during your run (if any).

Start With The First Steps

A long journey always starts with the smallest steps. So you just let your feet get used to the shoes first by walking.

Indeed, manufacturers have cleverly integrated the walking feature for running shoes. It sounds unreasonable, but it’s the truth. According to the manufacturers, these shoes have soft cushioned soles that help your feet move smoothly.

So even running shoes are still very suitable for you to take your first steps, right?

Notice How You Move With Your Shoes

The point to choosing the right shoes you need is knowing how your foot moves. Accordingly, the Pronation index – which is the impact of your ankle and foot during running on the shoe – will determine the choice for you.

There are three cases at the moment.

  • Basic Pronation: The soles of the feet are the most affected areas. Then a pair of running shoes with a neutral sole will suit you best.
  • Pronation motion: Impact on both sides of the heel and foot. Then, shoes with good cushioning and insoles will work for you.
  • Pronation: It is the strongest, with impact almost all over your foot. In this case, the cushion sole must be flexible and durable to give you the best comfortable feeling.

Feel Your Fit

Either way, running shoes that fit your feet are most important.

Since you put the shoes on, the first feeling is that the shoes fit snugly against the lap and instep but still create a certain amount of distance for your movement to take place easily.

If you feel your feet are not comfortable, you can use your fingers to adjust or change into another pair of shoes.

Tips For A Good Shoes

After checking the above shoe selection criteria, the next thing we do is go through some shoe parameters to choose good shoes.


The Upper should be shaped like your foot and soft. It not only supports gentle movement but also protects your foot from pain.


The bottom line is that your heel won’t slip. The interactive padding on the side of the ankle also won’t hurt your feet.

Flex Grooves And Toe Spring

Here, a good choice is when the shoe can bend or roll with your foot as you move. This is great, isn’t it?

Forefoot Cushioning

You need to pay attention to the responsiveness of the shoe. This helps provide comfort between the midsole and your foot.

Heel Counter

You should look for shoes that have a Heel that allows for comfortable ankle movement.

Heel Cushioning

The secret for you is to focus on the balance between cushioning, stability, and the feel of the ground. When your shoe hits the ground and your foot feels light, it’s a good fit.

Heel-Toe Drop

The feeling of comfort from your feet when you put on these shoes is the key to choosing shoes. Make sure you are comfortable from the moment your foot touches the shoe to your stride.


The good shoes must have the right thickness for the material. At the same time when running, the thickness is guaranteed to be neither too soft nor too hard. Only then will you be able to run most comfortably!


Of course, the outsole is also extremely important in shoe selection. The standard set is that they must have good strength, elasticity and still not be too heavy. At the same time, this outsole will also help your feet limit damage during movement.


Remember to pay attention to choose a saddle that fits your feet. Only that way will keep your feet safe when moving, as well as create the most comfortable feeling when you stride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid common shoe-buying mistakes?

This will soon be solved with just the following simple ways:

  • Focus on outside
  • Self-evaluate foot size
  • No transaction
  • Buy shoes that are too small or too large
  • Buying at the wrong time

What is the advice to buy shoes?

Just like the ways above, you can find good shoes with these tips:

  • Determine the terrain that you move on
  • Choose shoes with a good cushion
  • Choose the lightest shoe
  • Choose shoes with good soles
  • Try on shoes


All the necessary information has been listed above the article already. All you need to do now is just pick up the phone and place your order right away. Hopefully, either way, you will find yourself a good pair of running shoes. 

Thank you for reading the article!