Step By Step On How To Clean Converse Shoes

You’re probably annoyed by your dirty converse shoes. How to clean converse shoes in the wrong way has wasted your effort and time, right?

We have collected for you the best ways just below to help you get rid of these stubborn stains. Let’s find out what the details are!

Why Do We Need To Clean Converse Shoes Regularly?

Since appearance, Converse shoes have become a craze because they are very trendy and easy to coordinate. Moreover, with a sophisticated and fashionable design, the converse also shows the personality of its owner very delicately.

A pair of converse shoes when coordinated always gives its owner the most confident appearance. But once dirty converse shoes are very difficult to clean.

The culmination is that the shoes not only deteriorate because of dirt but also become damaged if they are dirty for a long time. So how to protect your converse shoes always like new?

Don’t worry, you can easily clean your converse shoes in the following ways:

How To Clean Converse Shoes

Detailed step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow are:

  • Prepare tools
  • Check the stain carefully
  • Untie and Clean shoelaces
  • Rub with warm water and soap
  • Clean the rubber part with a rag
  • Let dry

Instructions For Washing Properly

Now, the idea of ​​cleaning your shoes is halfway there. Next, we will show you in detail what you should do in each such step. Accordingly are the tips that you can apply in your daily life!

Prepare Tools

Whether the stain is more or less, you cannot lack the following tools:

  • Soda, detergent, hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution as well as a magic eraser.
  • A hand towel or rag.

Make sure there is no bleach in this kit to prevent your shoes from fading.

Check The Stain Carefully

Please check carefully to see where the most stains are on the shoe parts. Identifying stains will help you focus on dealing with that stain faster.

As well as saving you time, knowing the specific stain location can help you make the right judgment for dosing the right amount of detergent. That way, you can save extra money and effort on scrubbing your shoes.

Make sure that if your shoes get wet or muddy, let the stains dry completely before treating them.

Untie Shoelaces

Removing the shoelaces both makes your shoes easier to clean and the shoelaces when taken apart are also cleaner.

Furthermore, parts such as eyelets and tongues are easier to wash once the laces are removed.

Now, you put the shoelaces in the cleaning solution and let them sit for about 5 minutes, they will be clean again. If your shoelaces are too old or worn out, you should replace them.

Rub With Warm Water And Soap

Many people put converse in the washing machine to save time. But this way makes your shoes more damaged than hand washing.

Instead, we recommend using warm soapy water to gently clean your shoes. Because when washing with warm water, the material of the shoe is guaranteed to keep its original condition and limit color fading.

A tip for you is to use a brush or towel to clean the neck and soles of the shoes more easily.

Clean The Rubber Part With A Rag

As mentioned above, the sole of the shoe is the most prone to dirt. And the way to clean the sole requires the help of a rag.

You just need to dip the rag in the cleaning mixture beforehand and slowly clean the soles of the shoes.

Note that avoid using sharp objects to pry the soles of shoes. If the dirt is difficult to handle such as oil, you should soak it in the cleaning solution for a while before cleaning it again with a towel.

Let Dry

After cleaning your shoes, quickly remove your shoes from the water. Use a dry cloth to quickly wipe the inside and outside of your converse.

Then you can use the dryer to help the drying process go faster. However, make sure the temperature of the machine is not too hot to avoid the glue on the sole of the shoe being damaged.

However, if a dryer is not available, use the natural sun drying method to dry the shoes. And don’t forget to put a towel under your shoes to avoid getting your shoes dirty again!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the converse be washed in a washing machine?

No, it can’t. Unlike Vans, Converse is really easy to damage when washing in the machine. Most brands recommend hand washing because, after all, they are easy to wash.

2. How to keep the original shape?

Immediately after washing is complete, you should use a towel or paper to absorb moisture before drying the shoes. Constantly change towels and new paper during drying.

Moreover, you can squeeze and hold the shoe in the original direction to ensure its texture.

3. How long is it for drying?

Depending on how you dry your shoes, the time may vary.

If drying in the sun, preferably under 4 hours. But if you dry it with a book machine, you can limit the temperature from being too hot and only dry it for about 30 minutes.

4. How to take good care of shoes after cleaning?

Put your shoes in a cool cabinet that is not too hot to protect the shoe material. Avoid leaving shoes in places with lots of dust and high temperatures.

If you want to protect your shoes better, you can put the shoes in a bag or box and regularly dust them.


So, it’s not difficult to know how to clean converse shoes. But the difficulty lies in how we will apply these ways.

However, above all, we believe you will make informed decisions for yourself and apply them properly.

Thanks for your interest in the article!